Guy Kawasaki’s 10 Steps to Terrific Twittering

Guy Kawasaki has taken Twitter
to the extreme. Even with "only" 91,000 followers, his is one of the
most well-known names on the social networking microblogging site.
Through Twitter, Kawasaki has not only made a name for himself, but
also for his Web site, — a site that aggregates the top
news stories from the most popular topics on the Web. It was only
appropriate for Kawasaki to lead a keynote presentation here at this
year's Search Engine Strategies conference on the topic of using
Twitter as a marketing tool. After all, Kawasaki has become his own
brand on Twitter and has pushed the envelope with his Twitter usage.
Some might consider what he's doing to be spam — in fact, Kawasaki
admits, many have said so, outright — but others consider it a new
wave of marketing. Regardless, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist
and former Apple marketer is a Twitter evangelist — and has a
following to support it.

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