Hospitality Sales & Marketing Directors Urged To Use Social Media To Expand Relationship With Customers

‘Social media is not just an online network for 15-year-olds, it can be
used by hotels to deepen the brand and expand the relationship with the
customer,’ said Cindy Estis Green, managing partner of The Estis Group,
as she presented the findings of an extensive report on Social Media
and its impact on both travel marketing and marketing in general.

‘We are now in a conversation economy and the Internet is the social
network,’ Estis said, adding: ‘Two-thirds of your customers traveling
are on social media. When was your last conversation with them?’

Working together to focus on emerging topics of importance to travel
marketers, the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association
International (HSMAI), under the auspices of the HSMAI Foundation, and
the Travel Industry Association (TIA) have partnered to produce a
comprehensive educational report titled: The Travel Marketer’s Guide to
Social Media and Social Networking.

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