#AskDJV Episode 53: Hotel Pay Per Click Budgets

In Episode 53 of the #AskDJV show, DJ Vallauri discusses hotel pay per click budgets. Watch this week’s episode to learn how you can avoid the common pitfalls of other hoteliers.

Video Transcript:

Hotel Pay Per Click Budgets

Hello Everybody and Welcome to the #AskDJV Show, I’m DJ Vallauri this is Episode 53 of the #AskDJV show.

On this week’s episode, I’d like to talk about hoteliers spreading their PPC budget way too thin.

Let me explain:

PPC Cost per Click’s (CPC’s) have increased over the last ten-fifteen years dramatically, yet hotel budgets kind of stay the same for PPC budgets. It’s important that your hotel keeps up with the rising costs of cost per clicks. I remember the day when you could buy a travel related keyword or hotel related keyword for 75 cents. Those days are long gone. That same keyword will now cost you as a hotelier $5, $10, or $15, $20 per click, yet your budget is still operating as if that keyword was 75 cents. So, it’s important when you do your annual budgeting that you increase your PPC marketing allocation to be able to keep up with the trends and the market costs.

Google Pay Per Click

Now, in addition to this, unfortunately, Google, about a year ago, removed the right rail of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). What that means for you, as a hotelier is that there are fewer opportunities for your hotel to actually appear on the PPC results page. Bigger brands, OTA’s, other travel sites are bidding for the same terms you are and now have larger budgets (because they’ve increased accordingly and you haven’t). So, it’s important that you keep up your budgeting. Now hoteliers often come to us and say, “We want to focus not only on our transient campaigns, but we also want to focus on weddings and group business.” Because that’s big in 2017, but the down side is the hotel operators never have enough funds or additional funds to run those wedding and meeting campaigns. So, the result is you’re thinning out your PPC budget even further, you’re watering it down, you’re spreading yourself too thin, as they say, from a marketing perspective you don’t have enough marketing dollars.

Pay Per Click Advertising

So, you need to focus on what you’re going after from a PPC strategy and make sure that you have the right budget allocated for that and your agency can help you determine what that right budget is.

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