HotelChatter || Omni Hotel Offering Online Check-In for All Guests

Omni Hotels has started to offer an online check-in service for all guests.

48 hours of the planned stay, guests can start the check-in process off
an email confirmation they receive from the hotel.

The email will
include a link that will take them to the Omni online check-in site.
Here guests can pick their type of room and enter in their estimated
time of arrival along with a credit card number for incidentals and to
authorize the initial charge. (You can also just check-in directly on
the hotel’s site.)

confirmation code is given and the guest should print this receipt out
and present it at the front desk when they arrive. The front desk clerk
will simply hand over the keys and the welcome packet. Or we hope it’s
that simple. You may still have to wait in line.

Link: HotelChatter || Omni Hotel Offering Online Check-In for All Guests.

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