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Last month Google significantly changed its algorithm that determines search results. The new system interprets the “inferred meaning” of a search, rather than providing listings that contain exact keywords used in the query. Google’s rational is this: by requiring sites to deliver improved content that answers searchers specific questions, it will provide a more reliable resource, and in turn, improve the site’s visibility and viability. In an effort to help hoteliers improve booking conversions, Lodging Interactive launched a new service called that provides comprehensive responses to these exact types of pressing and personalized questions.

“Content that travelers like, Google will like,” said DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive founder and president. “Google wants hoteliers to stop obsessing over keywords and instead answer the questions that travelers want to have answered to differentiate themselves from the competition. While this theory has its merits, it poses a lot of challenges to hoteliers. Trying to answer all of the questions that potential customers ask online not only is an exercise in futility, but operators could lose business because of it. This is where comes in handy.

“Created by our team of hotel marketing experts, is a service that provides a clean, interactive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page that resides on a hotel’s website,” he said. “Before lookers become bookers, they want to know: Is a lifeguard is on duty at the pool? If yes, during what hours? What time is the continental breakfast served, and is it free? Does the property offer a babysitting service? If yes, what are the age parameters? customizes the web page specific to each hotel, differentiating it from all the others in the area. By allowing lookers to find out everything they need to know when they are considering booking, it leads to higher conversions.” by Lodging Interactive drills down and provides details on happenings in and around each hotel to provide richer content for travelers. A Check Out Our FAQs float button appears on every page of the hotel’s website. If information is not available on a specific topic, a Suggest a Category or Question button is provided that encourages travelers to submit a question so that Lodging Interactive can search and post the answer. This not only heightens customer service, but it is a great way to capture prospective guests’ email information for future marketing efforts.

“If a potential guest poses a question, Lodging Interactive will research it on the hotel’s behalf . . . find the answer . . . and respond to the customer to stop booking abandonment,” Vallauri said. “We’ll even update the FAQs on a hotel’s website to reflect the new information. But that’s not all. Lodging Interactive will also create and maintain a list of attractions and events local to each area to drive potential visitors to a hotel and close on more business. Not only does help hotels to attract more bookings, but its a cool new way to provide phenomenal customer service and improve upon the hotel’s online reputation as the best place to stay in your area.” from Lodging Interactive provides an easy and affordable way to:

• Increase bookings online
• Improve two-way hotel-to-guest/guest-to-hotel communications
• Capture customer information for ongoing marketing efforts
• Boost organic SEO value for vanity websites
• Communicate product and service differentiation
• Leverage local events, attractions and exhibits to increase loyalty
• Documents hotel policies
• Build ongoing FAQ content
• Stay relevant in light of the new Google Hummingbird algorithm changes easily integrates into any hotel’s Facebook page and blog.  Fully mobile compatible, enables smartphone users to also benefit from vital FAQ content, thereby supporting and increasing mobile booking conversion rates.

An informational video is now available by clicking here.

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