How To Handle An SEO Setback

How To Handle An SEO Setback.

One of the hardest things to deal with in SEO is when a setback occurs. I will outline how to deal with these today, with a focus on those that don’t result from a search engine penalty. Even when you do all the right things, you can still run into situations where it doesn’t work out. There could be many reasons why, such as:
Unexpected changes by Google can put you in a situation where you need to scramble (such as the recent change to how Google crawls JavaScript).
The web development team may make a change that is not supposed to have SEO impact, but for reasons unkown to them, it does.
The web development team can make a mistake, for example, copying the NoIndex tags from a staging server over to the production site.
Of course, it can happen that you make a mistake too.
Bottom line: setbacks do happen.

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