How can a Small Hotel Market on The Internet?

How can a Small Hotel Market on the Internet? If your hotel, resort or B & B has less than 100 rooms and an ADR of less than $70 it is unlikely you can afford to contract a full service Internet marketing program. The fees for a truly managed search engine optimization or pay per click program will make it difficult to generate the level of ROI that you want. This does not eliminate you from doing Internet marketing it just means you need to familiarize yourself with to online tools that are available to you to make the most of your website. Use these tools and invest in services where you really need expertise. Of course your investment in time and money for Internet marketing depends on many factors, you have to consider;

1. Average daily rate

2. Your market size: number of competitors and seasonality

3. average length of stay

4. Source of your guests; local, regional, national and international

5. What percent of your guests book online today?

6. Guest types; business, leisure, family, couples, military or seniors

7. Guest preferences; local recreation, local attractions, business meetings, attend conferences

8. Guest amenities; wifi, hi speed Internet, ocean view, dining, spa, privacy, room service

9. Potential for repeat visits

10. Guest language preferences

All of these factors should be considered (a) when developing your website design, highlights and navigation (b) when choosing keywords for optimization or pay per click (c) developing reciprocal or inbound links to your site. Once you have answered how each of these factors affects your business you are ready to build an Internet plan. Internet sales are rapidly approaching 50% of the average hotel’s sales, for every online sale you can expect one and a half phone sale. Your first year ROI target should be a minimum of 6 or 7 to 1 ratio with an annual growth of 2 to 3 percent.

This gives you a range to consider for your level of investment and ROI. As you set your plan and goals, you need to look at first your potential revenue and second your maximum cost. If you already have a marketing plan, the share for Internet marketing should be around 50%. Look at which of your top three markets can be targeted online through online advertising, proactive search optimization, 3rd party merchant sites, regional portals and convention bureaus and seasonal pay per click.

Please reply and tell me how you do your planning or your experience with Internet marketing.

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