Is Planning or Reacting the Best Strategy for Social Media Marketing?

You know you have the best intentions when creating hotel social media marketing plans.  You make allowances for every eventuality and cover what you believe is every possible outcome. But as Murphy’s Law would have it, there will always be something new that comes to play that makes it necessary to tweak what you thought was a fool proof plan. This is especially true when it comes to your hotel social media marketing strategy. But fear not! Adaptability and flexibility are the keys to making your social media marketing strategy a success.

Hotel Social Media Marketing Strategy

hotel social media marketing strategySocial media marketing for hotels continually changes.  As such, your hotel social media marketing strategy may also change. With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and other new platforms on the horizon, being in the here-and-now is so vital to staying ahead of the game and taking immediate action to trending topics, comments, questions, issues etc. These hotel social media platforms are ever-changing to keep up with the demands of their audiences and every hotel needs to keep up with hotel social media marketing or get left behind in the dust of what was previously the “it” way of taking care of business.

The very nature of social media demands that you react quickly to unexpected incidents: Either remedying a bad situation or promoting a good one. It is always a challenge to your social media know-how. And, while creating a social media marketing calendar is an important part of your hotel’s plan, it is just as important to remain fluid to changes. Being flexible is an inherent part of making the magic happen.  Also, making sure your plan includes someone monitoring your social media accounts 24/7 would help you stay on top of the fast-paced social news cycle. After all, it’s about the customer relationships you are trying to build to gain their loyalty.


So now you know that both planning and reacting creates a successful hotel social media marketing strategy. Hotel social media gurus need to react quickly to the situation of the moment while keeping their plans on target. It goes without saying that it’s a delicate balancing act that would rival any circus high-wire performer but a necessary one to come out a winner.