Boost your Hotel Bookings with Live Chat

Live Chat has been around for years.  If your hotel is still doubting its use, you should watch episode 48 of the #AskDJV show today and learn how you can boost your hotel bookings.

Advantages of Live Chat for Hotels

Now that mobile has increased in popularity, being able to live chat with your customers has almost become a necessity in order to promote loyalty and build brand ambassadors.  They want to know about your amenities, hotel policies, meeting space and restaurants before checking into your property.  More than “basic” information, they want to know how you can help them.  Maybe there’s a group event that has special needs, or perhaps they have questions about your pet policies.  Whatever their needs, if you can answer them through live chat support, you’re way ahead of your competition.

Live Chat Customer Service

Using live chat customer services is a great way to engage your hotel guests and bring customer service to a new level.  That’s why we’ve created CoMMingle Live.  CoMMingle Live is the hospitality industry’s first real time live chat service for hotels and resorts.  We did beta testing on live chat with our clients and have found:

40% increase in Request for Proposal submissions.  People asking to book weddings, meetings, conferences, reunions, all through the live chat.  We’ve been able to help those hotels capture 40% more RFPs than they normally receive through their website.

We’ve also seen a 12% increase of direct bookings when live chat technology with human engagement is deployed.

Learn more about Live Chat for your hotel and watch episode 48 of the #AskDJV show today.