Live Chat Messaging Apps and the Future of Hotel Customer Service

Uber testing driverless cars in Pittsburgh.  Siri giving us directions and information. Boomerang Respondable helping us write effective emails. Messaging apps providing quick responses to queries. Artificial Intelligence that only seemed possible in a Star Trek episode is in our daily lives right here and now. So hang onto to your FitBit because hoteliers will need to step it up a notch with what’s in store for the future of hotel customer service.


Messaging apps usage is creating a sonic boom throughout the hotel industry. Though they have been around for more than 10 years, messaging apps have experienced a resurgence that has grown beyond their use in retail. With the explosion of mobile usage and messaging apps allowing for easy integration into websites, hoteliers need to be mindful of the potential use of live chat apps in expanding their follower base and generating revenue.


There is no magic to it. The technology has been around for many years and the recipe to creating a successful digital imprint is already in the hotel digital marketer’s cookbook – just add some simple spices to reap the benefits of live chat apps:


  • Inviting dialogue and encouraging exchanges is already part of your hotel’s online strategy but with live chat apps this has never played a more important role. It will be the differential between your hotel and competitors. You need to keep the chat conversation real by adding a human touch to your chat – no robotic responses. Making better guest experiences means more loyal followers. The value of peer-to-peer marketing is limitless!


  • Responding in real time is the true strength of live chat apps. Which room has the perfect beach view? What restaurants do you recommend? What rooms are available for my wedding date? Answering questions like these in real time through a live chat app will provide your guest with instant gratification and the incentive to click onto that final booking.


  • Providing guidance as potential guests navigate your website is another strength of chat apps. If your visitor gets stuck while trying to finalize a booking, they are relieved to see someone is on standby ready to give the instructions toward their final booking. Your live chat agent saves the day and the guest experience is sweet. A two-fold benefit: Great customer service and a customer loyalty opportunity.


  • Delivering the greatest customer service all comes down to relationships formed with guests. Whether it’s your hotel staff or your marketing department/agency, the first impression is what sets the tone of your guest’s entire stay and what will become the tone of your online presence. Live chat apps provide the perfect venue to set a lasting, positive tone that resonates across all online platforms and using the feedback you will get to improve services is invaluable!


  • Boosting bookings and reducing costs are two important end goals to your marketing efforts. Just think of all the time you save in follow up when you can provide the answer quickly through a chat message. Better response time means better online reputation. Better online reputation means more bookings. More bookings translate into more revenue.


Messenger apps are providing a completely new way to expand your hotel’s organic online presence, provide great customer service and create new revenue opportunities. Don’t miss out on the chance to make your mark. Welcome to the future!  For more information on how your hotel can benefit from offering guests a Live Chat experience in a cost effective manner, please visit: