Location, Location, Location

If location is so important to a hotel or resort, and it is, why aren’t web site maps and location highlights more prevalent? The proximity of the hotel to local attractions can certainly affect whether any web site shopper books or not.

The location page should provide a variety of very important information, including mapped location of your hotel, driving directions, downloadable map and important attractions within reasonable proximity. These nearby attractions may be corporate offices, airport, amusement parks, restaurants, theaters, sports events and shopping mall.

Web site technology as it relates to mapping has improved significantly over recent months. You may want to review your mapping and location pages and consider more sophisticated applications to provide better information and generate more sales.

Lodging Interactive does provide a unique marketing service, using the Google mapping tool, that combines search engine optimization with the value added mapping content that is needed to keep shoppers on your web site, therefore increasing the potential of the sale.

The Google mapping tool is available to any web site developer, the difference is in applying it for marketing purposes. There are other mapping tools that can be use to improve how your location and directions pages are presented, but what I do not see on hotel and resort web pages is an effort to sell rooms based on location. Location being your hotel’s
proximity to other relevant services and attractions.


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