Lodging Interactive Becomes Member of ILHA

Lodging Interactive has joined the International Luxury Hotel Association (ILHA) as its newest Vendor Member. It is a great honor and privilege to have been accepted to such a prestigious and noteworthy organization.


The ILHA was originally formed in 2008 as the Luxury Hoteliers with the objective of sharing best practices within the luxury hotel industry. Membership grew so quickly it turned into the ILHA as we know it today under the leadership of its President, Barak Hirschowitz.


The organization is a collaborative effort of experts in the luxury hotel industry as well as travel institutions, government agencies and educators. One way to promote ILHA goals is to have great minds within each of these industries or agencies brought together under one roof. To point, conferences are held annually where thoughts and ideas of how to improve services and designs could be discussed and shared.


In September 2015, the ILHA will hold a Luxury Hospitality Conference and Expo at the Orlando Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Lodging Interactive will be in attendance and stands ready to support all members with the knowledge and practice of social media services within the luxury hotel industry including the growing interest in live streaming.