Make Twitter a Part of Your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy

Providing great customer service to boost direct bookings is the end game no matter what social media platform your hotel uses to engage potential guests. Twitter hotel marketing is no different.  What makes Twitter stand out as one of the top digital channels for getting out your hotel’s message and helping to create the best hotel guest experience? Well every hotel has a story to tell and Twitter is a great platform to get the conversation going.

In a world where large hotel chains can swallow up the competition, digital marketers for smaller and independent hotels could create revenue opportunities by using Twitter to improve customer service and increase guest engagement. Hotels can tap into Twitter’s 313 million users who post 500 million tweets per day. Reaching such a large audience, hotels can announce openings, special offers, services and other promotions.

Building a Twitter Community with your Hoteltwitter hotel marketing

Going beyond this global reach, Twitter hotel marketing can also be the means to build a sense of community around your hotel. Reaching out to Twitter followers shows your hotel is ready and willing to listen to guest needs. Providing quick responses or solutions to their needs, wants and frustrations will build a sense of trust from hotel followers. It will also encourage your followers to have a greater interaction with your hotel and show potential guests that you care.


A recently published infographic from Digital Information World shows some valuable Twitter findings. Here are only a few to consider:

  1. 85% of followers feel more connected to a business after following
  2. 77% of Twitter users feel better about a brand when it replies to their tweet
  3. Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% increase in customer satisfaction.
  4. 70% of small business followers retweet content

Then keeping an eye on your Twitter stats could reveal your hotel influencers as well as gain insight into your audience. With this information in hand, you can learn how to focus on your marketing objectives so you can make your hotel stand out among the rest.

Now joining in on a new marketing trend, Twitter has gotten into live streaming with the likes of Presidential debates and National Football League games to name a few. The best part of this is non-Twitter users can watch a live stream without creating a Twitter account. Imagine the possibilities!

Making Twitter a part of your hotel digital marketing strategy offers many chances for using guest feedback to make the most of their hotel experience. It will give you insight on areas that need improvement and allow relationships to continue with incentives to return long after the guest has checked out, as well as increase opportunities for direct bookings. It’s your hotel’s chance to use the platform to reach your guests and build on your reputation. Are you making the most of Twitter hotel marketing?