Millennials Use of High-Tech Reshaping Hotel Industry Landscape

Call to make hotel reservations? Waiting on lines to get theater tickets? Waving to hail a cab? No more!

For a millennial these arrangements would sound more like, “Hey, let’s catch a train to the city to see Sleep No More. Heard it was one of the best immersive theater events out there.” Then out comes the smartphone, checking theater seat availability, buying the tickets, logging on to the local transit app, buying an e-ticket and off they go! Start to finish this whole arrangement takes 10 minutes.

Then the show is over and the conversation continues. “Let’s stay the night in the city” and, you guessed it, out comes the smartphone once again to make the hotel booking.

Technology has heightened the hotel experience for the traveler. So in this digital age hotels need to search out new ways to streamline operations, services and costs through their effective technological choices as well as keep up with guest expectations. This couldn’t be more important than with the ever increasing, technologically savvy, traveling millennials as guests.

Millennials are a larger group than baby boomers and account for 38% of all mobile bookings.  Hotels should be mindful of this group that is so dependent on their smartphones. They are reshaping the hotel industry landscape.

Oracle Hospitality recently published the report “Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service” surveying 9000 millennials around the world to understand how they use technology in hotels, restaurants etc. and what they expect from hotel service in today’s digital world. According to this report 87% of millennials use smartphones on a daily basis and revealed how millennials use mobile devices at hotels:

  • 94% use their smartphones in a restaurant
  • 82% have connected their mobile devices to hotel Wi-Fi
  • 13% have used a hotel’s mobile app
  • 12% have used their mobile device to order room service
  • 46% have used their smartphones to book a room
  • 20% have checked in using a mobile device
  • 52% use smartphones to take advantage of loyalty programs
  • 55% want to connect mobile devices to guest-room TVs/audio equipment to access their own content

For hotels, it becomes a delicate balance of creating a personalized guest experience without digging too deep into your coffers. You might want to consider attending the HITEC conference in June 2016 to keep on top of the latest available technological trends and products for your hotel.

Millennials are gleefully unaware of how things were done old school.  That is how it should be since they are the ones moving the world into this amazing age of technology. It’s not a far stretch to have them say, “Let’s not stay at XYZ Hotel, they don’t have free Wi-Fi. We can check out The Hotel ABC that lets you check in with an app and use your phone as a key!”

Is your hotel keeping up?