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In addition to monitoring online chatter, CoMMingle by Lodging Interactive quickly replies to guest comments on each hotel’s behalf to better manage its online reputation

PARSIPPANY, NJ , November 13, 2013 – In today’s hospitality climate, it is very important that hoteliers monitor what people are saying about their properties online and in social media. Monitoring one’s online reputation is just the first step to a maintaining a stellar image. According to CoMMingle by Lodging Interactive, a social media marketing and engagement agency that develops customized solutions for hotels, restaurants and spas, the missing piece to the reputation-management puzzle is responding to the negative and positive guest reviews.

Recent studies confirm that 95 percent of unhappy customers will return if an issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. But with an abundance of social media websites, blogs, podcasts, news sites, video sites, and more, it’s nearly impossible for hoteliers to effectively monitor the chatter on their own, let alone respond to each review. The best way to truly manage a hotel’s online reputation is by partnering with a full-service agency that offers both monitoring and response services.

“Hotels have an abundance of loyal, happy guests who don’t feel the need to review the property online, but if they do review a property, a response acknowledges their loyalty and creates a social influencer,” said Rosella Virdo, Director of CoMMingle Social Media Marketing. “Meanwhile, a few dissatisfied guests are willing to voice their experience on TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, or any other review forum they can find online. Because those sites have leverage with the major search engines, influencing the sentiment of the reviews will impact the perception of the property on a search results page. Happy guests or dissatisfied guests, they all play a part in a hotel’s online reputation. Hoteliers no longer control the perception of the property; that is in the hands of guests. But hoteliers can influence that perception.”

A new study reveals that 53 percent of consumers expect a brand to respond to a tweet within an hour. When asked how quickly a response is expected from a brand on Twitter, 65 percent of the survey participants said they want a response in two hours time or less, with 20 percent expecting a response in 30 minutes or less. The study found brands that respond to tweets in a timely manner garner more favorable reactions from consumers, with 47 percent of respondents more likely to recommend the brand through social media and 34 percent likely to buy more products from the brand. Sixty percent claimed they were more likely to take a negative action toward brands that did not respond to tweets in an acceptable time period.

“Unlike other services that only provide alerts when someone makes an online comment about the hotel, CoMMingle provides timely responses back to the original posting – providing a true social media monitoring and online reputation management service,” Virdo said. “CoMMingle will work with hotels to PLAN their social media strategies. Then we will assist hotels to SOCIALIZE with customers, managing and monitoring their Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Next, we help hoteliers INFLUENCE their online reputations by writing management responses on TripAdvisor and other review sites. The hotel approves the response, and the CoMMingle team takes care of the post. Finally, CoMMingle provides analytics to help each hotel MEASURE results of each campaign.”

To put the PLAN + SOCIALIZE + ENGAGE + MEASURE = ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT plan into action today, call CoMMingle at 877-291-4411 or visit


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