“Ok Google” Voice Search

Search from any screen on your Android device with “Ok Google”.

Google released a new way to search from any screen on your Android device. Simply say, “Ok Google” from the Google Home Screen or Search Widget and you will be taken to Google’s search results page, weather or maps. If you say, “Ok Google, what is the closest hotel to Indianapolis Airport”, or “Ok Google, who was in the new X-Men Movie?” Google will show you a list of search results.

The cool part is that now whatever screen you are in, you can say, “Ok Google” and be taken to the app. When you are in your email and you want to contact someone, simply say, “Ok Google” call (name) and it will contact that person.

It’s perfect for traveling, too! Do you want to know what the temperature is in Boston or find out what time check-in is at your hotel? Simply say, “Ok Google” and you will get the information at your fingertips.

Get started by making sure you have the latest Google Search app (version 3.5), then find the “Google Settings” icon.
Once you are there, go to: Google Settings -> Search & Now -> Voice -> “Ok Google” Detection and check “From any screen”.

You will then be prompted to say, “Ok Google” three times so your voice can be recognized by the app.

With “Ok Google” you can:

  • Get Organized – set alarms, track packages, keep notes, use memos
  • Make Contact – make calls, send emails, update your social media
  • Entertain Yourself – watch movies, listen to music, watch sports or listen to a specific radio station
  • Travel – navigation, directions, check-in, check-out of hotels, get restaurant information, look up local area attractions
  • Reference – get time, weather, translate, dictionary, conversion

We hope you enjoy using “Ok Google”. Let us know how you are using it to make your life easier, especially when traveling or finding the perfect hotel. Keep an eye on future releases. Currently, this is available only in the US with the only language being English.

Reference: Google