Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Be everywhere your customers are and engage with them on their preferred platforms.

While there are many definitions of what omnichannel marketing is, we’ve adopted a hospitality centric definition which is easily understood. Omnichannel marketing provides a multichannel sales approach that offers your customers an integrated engagement and buying experience.


Be Present Along Your Customer’s Journey.

For example, your customer receives an intent driven email on their mobile device, which takes them onto your mobile enabled website for additional information. As they click through your mobile website, they may have a need to engage with you via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS text or even Live Chat. Finally, they return to your website from their laptop to make a booking. This customer journey is a good example of an omnichannel marketing approach for the hospitality industry.

Our Omnichannel Marketing Service is Exclusively for Hospitality

We’ve taken “best-of-breed” technology platforms and combined them with our bespoke marketing and engagement approach. The result is omnichannel marketing services designed for the hospitality industry.

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