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Hotel Review Responses

Hotel review responses from past guests will affect the rate of new guests at your hotel. If you feel you give great service, and you aren’t getting the volume you expect, it might be time to see if you are responding to enough of these reviews.

Negative Hotel Reviews

Customers like to know they have been heard.  Responding to their hotel reviews lets them know you are listening.  Don’t be afraid of the negative reviews, they can help you more sometimes.  When guests see you are responsive to criticism, it lends itself to your credibility. Whether you like it or not, people look for the bad reviews and weigh it as much (if not more), than a positive review. It is understood

you can’t avoid a negative review, but you can minimize them and answer them all. Sometimes, you might be able to fix the problem and the customer will update their review.

Communication is the key. The customer wants to be heard. That’s why they left the review. A negative review that gets a response shows that the hotel cares about the customer and wishes to have their business back. That reviewer might continue using your hotel in the future.

Positive Hotel Reviews

Positive hotel reviews need your attention too.  If you respond in a timely and professional fashion, you will notice an uptick in customer satisfaction and start turning those negative reviews into positive ones.

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