Pay Per Click Advertising

Since 2001, Lodging Interactive, an experienced pay per click agency, has been helping the hospitality industry with our pay per click services.  Pay Per Click Advertising allows hoteliers the flexibility to increase revenue and market awareness “instantly” in the search engines, whereas SEO takes time.  Paid search involves setting a budget (daily, weekly, monthly), choosing keywords, deciding how much you want to pay for each keyword or “per click”, writing ad copy and choosing your target market.

Benefits of working with a Pay Per Click Agency

We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner.  This means we have gone through extensive training in Google AdWords and met with the stringent criteria outlined by Google to become a certified partner.  Because we are certified, we have the means and knowledge available to make your advertising pay per click campaigns successful.  We work with you to learn about your hotel, marketing area and target audience, then we take that knowledge to create ppc pay per click campaigns that will help you increase your overall bottom line.

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