Effective Planning For The Holiday Season

Alicia Pavignano With Thanksgiving approaching, the holiday season is in full swing.  That means people are making their holiday plans with family and friends.  As we all know,  many holiday plans include travel and hotel stays.  In addition, some folks may travel because of holiday events occurring at certain destinations or even holiday events  hosted by hotels, a common trend these days.  Many hotels begin their holiday festivities with a Thanksgiving celebration closely followed by Christmas breakfasts,  brunches and dinners.   Of course, as we near the end of the year, New Year’s festivities are also planned at numerous hotels around the world.

Hotels are hoping to sell out during the holidays by offering special room rates and/or special holiday dining prices.  It’s also a time for holiday parties, so there are enticing deals for groups looking for a venue for their own holiday celebrations.  There is a great opportunity for hotels to capitalize on individual travel and group events during the holiday season, however timing is an important factor that will determine success or failure of these initiatives.

To reach potential holiday customers, hotels should start thinking about their holiday menus, specials and deals as summer comes to an end.  This may sound a bit premature, but the truth is, after the summer’s unofficial end after Labor Day weekend, most people begin to focus on fall activities, getting back to business and thinking about their holiday plans.  It’s at this time that the online searches begin for low cost airfares, hotel deals, holiday dining reservations, celebrations and activities, as well as party venues.  If you’re not timely when posting your holiday information you could easily miss out on potential bookings, while those who are timely will happily snatch them up.

Ideally, you want your potential customers to see your holiday offerings starting in September and most importantly, they should catch their attention and be visually appealing.  Call to action banners linking to holiday landing pages that list special deals or call outs linking to festive menus are a great way to grab your customers’ eye.   For customers looking to book a party or event with you, give them an incentive to choose your facility.  Perhaps if customers book by a certain date or book for a certain number of guests, they can be given special pricing or additional amenities for their event.  Whatever the offer, make it unique, enticing and cost effective.

With the right offers and deals and timely advertising, you have the potential for a profitable holiday season.