September 2009 Chatter Guard Social Media Benchmark Report is Published

School has geared up again, and so has the
business travelling season. It seems as though the cool weather is bringing a
cool response from the September travellers, as overall hotel performance
reviews were mostly down across the board, continuing the negative trend we saw
in August. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being “fantastic” and 1 being “poor,” the
average lodger reported a slight 1.38% decline in Resultant Quality Score (3.62
to 3.57), a 1.11% decline in Dining (3.61 to 3.57), a 4.85% slip in Facilities
(4.12 to 3.92, the biggest area of decline), a 3.61% fall in Housekeeping (3.32
to 3.20), and a 3.57% decline in Staff reviews (3.64 to 3.51). The only areas
of improvement this month were in rooms, which improved 1.07% (3.73 to 3.77),
and overall sense of Value, which gained an impressive 5.11% (4.11 to 4.32) in
the month of September. Hopefully, October will be a more positive month for
hotel goers.

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