Setting Your Internet Marketing Goals

Ask yourself a few questions about your Internet marketing and sales strategy. Do you have a pro-active search engine marketing program? Is the ratio of your online sales compared to your overall sales growing? Are your online sales producing your best ADR and ROI? Is the percentage of your investment budget comparable to your percentage of Internet business? For example, if 25% of your sales are originating online, is your Internet marketing budget 25% of your overall marketing budget?

If you answered no to any of these three questions you need a closer look at your Internet plans.

Be sure to consider a percentage of your phone reservations when you analyze your Internet marketing results.

Your marketing decisions, of course, are affected by factors unique to your hotel such as location, local market conditions, rate category and seasonality. On the other hand, whatever these factors may be, in today’s battle for market share, your sales are directly affected by the quality of your website and how your site is ranked on the major search engines.

Your final decision depends on how much of your overall room sales are coming from online sources. If you are not getting 50% at a good ADR, you need to spend more on marketing because this is the average for a full service hotel. If you don’t know what phone reservations are generated by your website you need to setup a special toll free number on your website. You should average two phone bookings for every online sale. If your bookings go to the brand booking engine track it with a fictitious IATA number.

Let me know how you are tracking your results? You should be checking on what your marketing service supplier is telling you.

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