Social Customer Service is No Longer an Option

Our Founder & CEO, DJ Vallauri recently authored an article for titled Social Customer Service is No Longer an Option.  In the article he shared a few social media customers service tips for hoteliers:

Top 5 Recommendations For Providing Hotel Social Customer Service:

  • Make the commitment and get the required resources from top management.Social customer service is no longer an option for hotels. Hotels are in the hospitality business, and now hospitality is extended online by way of social customer service. Your management needs to buy into this thinking 150% and needs to budget for the appropriate resources to get the job done as expected by your guests. You will need personnel, technology applications and training…all ongoing expenses.
  • Find the right people for your social customer service team.Find the right team members in your operation who understand your brand’s voice and values. Good writing skills is a must. Your social customer service team members should have an especially good grasp of tone let alone the English language. They need to be able to respond to customers in a positive, helpful and authentic tone that is not always an easy task in writing.
  • Be socially “available” all the time.Social customer service is not a 9 to 5 job. Rather, your hotel needs to be online and always available to engage and provide assistance to your customers, 24/7/365. Remember, you need to available on your customers’ preferred social media platforms and be there when it matters.
  • Empower your social customer team to get the job done, the first time.Remember, fast customer acknowledgement and providing efficient solutions are key when providing social customer service. We always advise our hotel clients to make sure all social customer service team members have direct access to either the Manager on Duty or the General Manager, 24/7/365. It’s all about quick engagement and solutions.
  • Proactively look for social customer service engagement opportunities.Studies have shown that only 3% of consumers use the proper brand account name when taking their customer service issues public on Twitter. This means your hotel needs to monitor for variations of your hotel’s name in order to capture customer service opportunities. For example, if your hotel’s Twitter account is @HotelNikkoSF, you should be monitoring for “Hotel Nikko SFO”, San Fran Nikko Hotel.” etc. In addition, always be on the lookout for engagement opportunities between your competitors and their customers. You never know when someone staying with your competitor is looking for help related to dinner reservations or local attraction information. Should such an occasion arise, jump into the conversation in a non-salesy way and offer to help…even if  they’re not staying with you this time around. This is how business is won in 2016.

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