Social Media and Executives Don’t Mix

"In a great post
titled "Why Executives HATE Social Media" from the executives at
DemingHill, we get an unfiltered viewpoint – straight from the
executives – on why they hate social media, but could eventually learn
to love it. It's an excellent post, but also a very long one, so I've listed my six main takeaways below.

No. 1: Lack of understanding = fear. The rapid rate of change in digital innovation has caused CEOs to feel extremely
vulnerable around technology, because it's something on which we have
become very reliant, but which we understand and "control" so little.
This vulnerability leads to fear, and this fear to irrational decisions
and suboptimal outcomes. When CEOs don't have the confidence in their
staff to delegate, or lack the humility to admit their ignorance
regarding technology advances, they get defensive and act out in fear –
or fail to act altogether."

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