Stirring the Pot with Viral Marketing and Social Websites

I am quite certain that this is not going to be the first article
that you’ve read or seen on Web 2.0, viral marketing, or social media
sites. And, if you are lucky, it won’t be the last.These are huge
topics to cover with a lot of different angles to consider. But one
thing seems to really stand out about each of these things: opportunity.

Web 2.0 and social media websites lend themselves to extremely
powerful viral marketing campaigns (specifically link baiting campaigns
–don’t worry, I’ll explain) and every day savvy marketers are devising
campaigns that add to the value of these social media sites while
driving unthinkable traffic to their sites.

The money is in the list? Maybe.  But I know there is money in those social media sites.

Link: | Stirring the Pot with Viral Marketing and Social Websites.

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