Facebook Deals Threatens Google Places, Foursquare, Gowalla

"Facebook isn't lavishing kisses on Foursquare, Gowalla, Google or any other company with a mind to compete in making money from local businesses with its new Facebook Deals service.

Facebook Deals connects U.S. consumers with local businesses via the Facebook Places check-in social service. iPhone users must install the Facebook for iPhone 3.3 application, touch "Places" and then "Check In."

Nearby stores participating in Facebook Deals will display a yellow icon. iPhone users can view the deal and check in to claim it, then show their phone to the cashier to receive the gift or discount. Starbuck's, McDonald's, Gap and some 20 other stores are currently enrolled in the Deals program.

Consumers who check-in via Deals get free or discounted goods, or have donations sent to charities. Businesses can lure both new and returning patrons, explained Tim Kendall, director of monetization for Facebook, during the Deals launch Nov. 3."


Facebook Unveils a Service to Announce Where Users Are

introduced a long-anticipated service called Places on Wednesday that
could help the company tap local and small-business advertisers and
sharpen its competition with Google.

Facebook’s Places borrows heavily from location-based social networks
like Foursquare and Gowalla, which allow users to check in at places and
broadcast their location to friends. But those companies, as well as
others like Yelp, said they saw Facebook’s Places as a complement to their own services and as an opportunity to gain additional distribution.

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