Americans Head to Travel Sites for Vacation Planning

Americans Click It to Book It

site categories experienced a gain in activity in June as Americans
entered the heat of travel season. More than 100 million Americans
visited the category during the month, affecting the following travel
sub-categories: Transactions, Hotels/Resorts, Ground/Cruise, and

Travel –
Transactions sites ranked as the top gaining category for the month of
June, growing 32 percent to 5.2 million visitors. ranked #1
in the category with 1.1 million visitors, followed closely by with 1.1 million. grew to 853 million unique
visitors, while attracted 457 million visitors.

sites also saw strong growth during the month with 36.6 million
Americans turning to these sites for lodging options. Marriott ranked as
the top property, growing 16 percent to 6.5 million visitors. Hilton
Hotels attracted 6.0 million visitors (up 13 percent), followed by
InterContinental Hotels Group with 5.1 million (up 14 percent), Wyndham
Worldwide with 4.0 million (up 9 percent), and Disney Travel with 3.6
million (up 5 percent).