#AskDJV Episode 29: Hotel Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing

Are you a hotel sales manager?  Have you ever wondered how to capitalize on your online digital marketing efforts with your offline marketing campaigns?  In this week’s episode of #AskDJV, DJ Vallauri discusses what you can do to integrate your hotel social media marketing with your offline marketing efforts.

Hotel Social Media Marketing

How do you marry both online marketing and real world marketing?  Try some of the following hotel marketing tips:

  • Use something like Periscope (tell stories about your hotel) to stream live video about your hotel.
  • Describe memorable events from working on your hotel property
  • Explain why your hotel is special, but don’t try to “close”, instead, build a community around your hotel.
  • Do not underestimate the power of hotel email marketing. Use this tool as a way to get feedback, earn repeat guests and create a buzz about your hotel.


Remember these Hotel Marketing Tips:

  • Show a genuine interest in people
  • Respond to guests through the application, if someone is asking you a question, pause for a moment, answer them, then continue to live stream your hotel video
  • Be Yourself. Be genuine, concerned and a real person.
  • Find a common ground – if you are talking about weddings or social events, stick to the subject matter.
  • Tie your Hotel Internet Marketing efforts with your offline marketing efforts, ensuring that you are reaching your largest guest audience

We hope you enjoy Episode 29 of the #AskDJV show.  Come back next week when we discuss Negative Hotel Reviews and how you can avoid them.

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#AskDJV – Episode 28: How Will Live Streaming Affect My Hotel?

It’s time for episode 28 of the #AskDJV Show. This week, I’m talking about a hotel marketing “game changer” – live streaming. With apps like Periscope and Meerkat more popular than ever, it is important to understand how live streaming can affect your hotel. Watch this week’s video to find out.

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#AskDJV – Episode 21: Real-Time Marketing: How Does it Affect the Hotel Industry?

On this week’s episode of the #AskDJV Show, I’m talking about real-time marketing and how it affects the hotel industry.


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Why We Love These Twitter Engagement Tips (and You Should, Too!)

Hoteliers: Learn how to get more out of your social efforts with some of our top Twitter engagement tips.

Twitter Engagement Tips

With over 288 million active users, it is imperative that hotels know that they can’t take a backseat approach to this ever-growing social channel. It isn’t enough to simply have a Twitter account anymore. We are in an era of instantaneous and immediate. Twitter users are frequently taking to their computers, tablets and smart phones to share ideas, reviews and learn more about the businesses they deal with. In the hotel industry, the difference in your Twitter engagement strategy can be the difference in converting Tweeters into guests.

Not sure where to start? Try out our favorite Twitter engagement tips.

  • Feedback: Always reply to people tweeting to or about your hotel. Never leave a question unanswered or an issue unresolved. People love not only to be heard, but they value the connection with a real, live person at the other end.
  • Follow: Follow influential Twitter accounts and retweet their content. You don’t need to always recreate the wheel – but you can increase your brand awareness simply by following those who have something to say that pertains to the travel industry, your city, local attractions, and more. Simply retweeting content from influential users can increase your property’s visibility to a host of new Twitter users. Be sure to give credit back to your source.
  • Share: Use the right kind of content at the right time. Warm weather destination while the rest of the county is dealing with a cold snap? Use it to your benefit and tweet out a sunny image poolside at your hotel with some fun hashtags.
  • And Reshare: Have a successful tweet? Congratulations! Now go out there and reshare your own tweet! Tweets have a fairly short life expectancy – resharing what works for you can often reach a new audience of people that will enjoy your tweet as well.

Twitter can be a powerful social network for your hotel. Response to guests and future guests, as well as increasing your brand awareness through social engagement, can help create new fans of your property.

Want more on why engaging on Twitter is vital to your property’s success? Download our white paper.
Learn more about our 24/7 social customer care service, SocialVoices, on our website.

Lodging Interactive, CoMMingle Adds Google+ Service to Enhance Hotels’ Social Media Strategies

The social media universe no longer rests solely with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Today Google+ is quickly becoming an important Internet marketing player. Lodging Interactive, a social media marketing agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, and its subsidiary CoMMingle, a social media consultancy, is now offering a turnkey service for creating and professionally managing Google+ Business Pages.

According to and Founder Paul Allen in his Google+ blog, the Google+ network will hit 400 million users by the end of 2012. Facebook currently has more than 800 million users. Google+ is adding 625,000 new users per day or 20 million per month on average.

"Social networking continues to be the least expensive way for hotels to market their brand, engage guests and build loyalty," said D.J. Vallauri, Lodging Interactive and CoMMingle Founder and President. "Taking advantage of all social media channels is critical. Today, only a few hotel companies have expanded their inner circles outside of Facebook to include Google+. Failure to do so can be detrimental in the long term."

Google+ Business Pages are socially enabled and allow members (hotels) to organize people (guests) into social groups referred to as "Circles." Then, hoteliers engage with their own circles of potential guests and build larger circles through social networking and marketing.

"We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with this rapidly accelerating social media scene," Vallauri said. "As such, we are offering to leverage all the opportunities available from Google+ to engage with guests on a hotel's behalf so the likelihood of their content will be picked up on travel related searches."

Vallauri explained that Google considers Google+ 1's ("likes") as social signals within its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). As the Google+ network continues to grow, the weight applied to +1's will receive more consideration, and the hotels with the most +1's will reinforce their search engine rankings.

Here's how it works:
Lodging Interactive will create a Google+ Business Page on behalf of its customers. Then, CoMMingle takes over. CoMMingle's fully managed social media marketing service ensures that each hotel is properly positioned on Google+ where potential and past guests "commingle" to discuss their destination, including the hotel. As an extension of a hotel's marketing department, CoMMingle takes a pro-active role in managing each hotel's online presence and communications to not only Google+, but to all social media networking communities.

"Lodging Interactive and CoMMingle work side by side to ensure maximum social media exposure for our customers," Vallauri said. "Think of us as a dating service. Lodging Interactive makes each hotel look good and lets travelers know that they are 'available.' Then it's CoMMingle's job to keep the conversation flowing and continually fill the date card. The more content created by Lodging Interactive and CoMMingle, the wider a hotel's social media circles expand. The end result is better exposure on Google and a much stronger overall social media strategy."

Lodging Interactive Launches Brand Field Marketing Services

Just announced the launch of our new Brand Field Marketing Services for hotel franchisees.  Even if a your branded hotel doesn't have a website…we can help you optimize your pages.  Check it out.

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