HotelCast 2.0. NEW! – Guest Review System, Google Flights and Groupon Travel

This Lodging Interactive Podcast has got the scoop on the new Guest Review System that allows properties to gather and post guest reviews directly to their website.  Is Groupon Travel a good deal for properties or consumers?? 

Lodging Interactive does the research, you get the news on Google Flights…really cool stuff!  And, while protecting your high school reputation was important…Protecting your property's reputation right now is crucial.  Commingle is an ace in the hole you cannot be without.   New technology that effects you!  The hottest 10 minutes in the hospitality business is right here at HotelCast 2.0.

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HotelCast 2.0 The Hottest Hospitality Topics. Listen. Learn. Thrive!

Have you heard of SMO…Social Media Optimization?  This…is a "Gotta Know" from Lodging Intertactive.  Have you heard of the Commingle Social Media Tool Bar ?  This…is an exclusive "Gotta Know" from Lodging Interactive.  Are you aware that Facebook is teaming up with Bing?  Or, what a QR Code is and how it can and will effect your business?  Both are "Gotta Knows" from your hospitality marketing expert Lodging Interactive.  And get the latest scoop on Commingle.  It's all about TRUST these days and there is no better, more trusted authority in the hospitality marketing space than Lodging Interactive.  

So here it is…HotelCast 2.0 kicking off 2011!