SEO for Hotels: Not a “One Time” Thing

When Can I Stop My Hotel’s SEO Campaign?

“SEO is dead.”
“It’s all about link building.”
“We’re ranking well in the Search Engines, let’s drop SEO.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying those things? We hear it often. Every time you write a new piece of content, redesign your hotel website, talk about online reviews or reputation management, SEO is there in the background.

As a decision maker in your hotel, it’s normal for you to think about the expense of SEO as it relates to your bottom line. It’s often the last piece brought on board in a hotel and usually the first piece that people feel they no longer need. Before we can discuss stopping your SEO campaign, let’s take a look at the other ways SEO affects your hotel:

SEO for Hotels– The Silent Marketer

Most people can “see” SEO in your content, but do you know that SEO goes beyond what is visible to the human eye? Take a look at the different departments that are affected by SEO:

Graphic Design – SEO is there, in the naming of your images. It may seem like a silly question, but think about it – your graphic design team relies on your SEO team to help make your images more meaningful to your site visitors.

Web Design – Your web development team takes their navigation from your SEO. In addition, your SEO team works hand-in-hand with your web development team to create the proper code for search engines and humans alike. They are here in your Heading tags, your Internal Links, your Local SEO and your analytics. They are also tell the search engines which pages to crawl in your website and redirects the old pages to the new ones.

Social Media – You can guarantee that your SEO team is working with your Social Media gurus. When you write a new blog post or content piece for your site, these are shared in your Social Media. When visitors come to your site, they can share your content on social media channels. Anytime you use Social Media, you also have a piece of SEO right alongside it, working together to make your hotel a success.

Hotel Bookings – When your front desk is receiving phone calls, when forms come in requesting wedding information, when people want to book a reservation for your restaurant, or learn more about your specials, SEO is present. Invisible in this role, your SEO team helped generate these leads or inquiries. They did competitive research, worked on your content pages and choose the keywords your target market will use to find you.

Hotel Deals, Restaurants & Venues– Your SEO team works with your account managers to design a strategy for all of these areas of your hotel marketing. What keywords should you use? Are they seasonal specials? Is your competition also marketing the same type of venues? These are all things your SEO team takes into consideration when you talk about hotel deals, restaurants, weddings and corporate events.

Video – Does your hotel create videos to help sell your property? Your SEO team is optimizing the videos, assisting with the titles, descriptions and keywords used in your videos.

Do not underestimate the power of SEO and don’t think it something you can do for your property just once and experience success. Any ongoing investment, the long term effects of SEO far outweigh the short term, as it takes time to build your online reputation and brand.

As a hotelier, you may not need to know the minutia of what SEO does, but you will notice a huge difference in your overall website traffic without one. The truth is, your SEO campaign is never finished and continually adds value, even when you don’t see it in the foreground.

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