Seeking to Weed Out Drivel, Google Adjusts Search Engine

"In a tacit admission that Web publishers are flooding its search engine with low-quality pages, Google has revised its methods to improve the usefulness of its results.

Google said the change would raise the rankings of high-quality Web sites and reduce those of lesser sites, affecting 12 percent of search queries."

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For Google, Social Networking Is Just One Chapter of the Book

"With its valuations and the number of users going through the roof, Facebook is perceived by many as the company that might dethrone Google as the next Internet superpower. Google, however, doesn’t see Facebook as a direct threat, since social networking is just one part of Google’s overall strategy.

“The digital world is exploding and it has so many chapters — it has cloud computing, it has mobile, it does have social, it has searches, it has so many elements. (…) Yes, absolutely it will be part of our strategy, yes it will be embedded in many of our products. But at the same time remember it’s one chapter of an entire book,” said Google’s chief financial officer Patrick Pichette to Australian public television on Sunday.

While that may be true, with Facebook’s recent foray into e-mail, it’s getting obvious that Facebook is competing with Google on many fronts, not merely as a social network. The real question here is whether Facebook’s core product — social networking — is more powerful a foundation than Google’s core product — search."