August 2009 Chatter Guard Social Media Benchmark Report is Released

August is traditionally the last month of the leisure traveler, before business travelers return in the cooler fall months. As it turns out, the travelers are leaving hotels on a bit of a down note. Overall, visitors were less enthusiastic in their ratings than they had been in the month of July. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being “fantastic” and 1 being “poor,” the average lodger reported a slight 1.09% decline in Resultant Quality Score (3.66 to 3.62), a 1.9% decline in Dining (3.68 to 3.61), a 2.52% decline in Housekeeping (3.41), a 1.89% decline in Staff (3.71 to 3.64), and a 4.91% decline in Value. In fact, the only areas that posted any gains were Facilities and Rooms. Facilities stayed more or less constant with a move from 4.10 to 4.12 (+0.49%), and Room Quality posted the biggest gains of 2.47% (3.64 to 3.73). With the return of cooler weather and business travelers, we’ll see next month if hotel ratings continue to cool as well.


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