Google+ Posts Now Appear in Google Search Results

"Google has begun integrating Google+ into search results with public Google+ posts now appearing in Social Search.

Whenever a user publicly shares a link on Google+, an annotation will show up under that link when it appears in a friend’s search results. For example, if I share a Mashable article about Google+ eliminating pseudonyms publicly on my Google+ page, users who have added me to their circles will see a note that I shared that link if they stumble upon it in Google Search."

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The Future of Social Search

"A “social search” is one that ties a searcher’s social graph to his search queries. With social search, each searcher sees unique results that are shaped by the interests of his social network friends.

Google, not the company to often fudge with the appearance or function of its search results, turned on its version of social search more than a year ago. It has since gone on to more prominently feature social search results and blend them in with regular results.

One should not make light of these changes; they point to the company’s recognition that the average web user, who now spends more time on Facebook, may be not-so-quietly demanding a new form of search."

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Microsoft Bing: Impact on Google, Expedia

"Microsoft's Bing has recently added a new feature called Price Predictors to its travel searches. It suggests if one should buy now or hold off for a better fare based on how fares are trending. Some analysts believe this will have an impact on companies like Expedia and challenge Google's move into travel search."


Google reaching out to major hotel brands and CRS providers

"Google first connected with OTAs, such as Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity and, to introduce their application programming interface that would allow for real-time sharing of rates and availability on Google Maps. Now they’re in the process of contacting CRS providers and major brands to offer the same access."


Search Marketing Service Enables Chain Hotels To Create Optimized Customized Landing Pages For SMERF Markets

PARSIPPANY, NJ , October 26, 2010 – Lodging Interactive, an award winning Interactive and Social Media Marketing Agency exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, today announced the introduction of, an innovative way for hotels to establish customized landing pages to capture business from local demand drivers.

“ is an innovative new service that enables hotels to position themselves to book business from local demand drivers. is especially effective for branded hotels that do not have a website, yet still want to capture business from the Social, Medical, Educational, Religious and Fraternal (SMERF) markets,” said Mr. DJ Vallauri, Lodging Interactive’s Founder & President. “ will take online shoppers users from the hotel’s custom landing pages directly into the brand’s online booking engine all without the need of a stand-alone website.”

With hotels can aggressively market themselves online to capture incremental business from local and regional demand drivers such as:

• Events and conventions
• Local attractions
• Sporting tournaments and amateur travel teams
• Religious events
• Local corporations
• University and college events
• SMERF markets is a creative search marketing method combining proven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copy writing expertise and state-of-the-art technology that offers hotels a customized landing page solution that is unmatched in the hospitality industry.

“ is not a tool that requires the hoteliers to research demand drives or to write their own content. Rather, with we provide a full “turn-key” custom landing page solution for our clients,” added Mr. Vallauri. key features include:

• Professionally written Search Engine Optimized landing pages
• Google map on every page with the hotel identified on the map
• Check availability reservations links on every page
• Request information links
• Search Engine XML site maps to expedite page indexing
• Ongoing Search Engine submission of all pages
• Monthly hosting services for all pages
• Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports (SERP) for all pages

The service goes beyond the creation of effective customized landing pages. All custom landing pages are submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing on an ongoing monthly basis. Additionally, each hotel receives a monthly Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) report. example: The Wilshire Grand Hotel’s page for the search term “extended stay hotel rooms northern nj” ranks 21 out of over 600,000 competitive Google listings:


“We recently started using the service and have already started to see our custom landing pages appear on Google. The combination of Lodging Interactive’s keyword research, search engine optimization expertise and technology really does work for us,” stated Ed Reagoso, General Manager of the Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange, NJ.

For more information hotels can visit and can contact Lodging Interactive at 877-291-4411 extension 701.

Google to Make Its Core Products More Social

"Google will most probably launch its social network, Google Me,
later this year. However, the secretive project might be more of an
added layer to Google’s existing products and services than an entirely
new service.

“We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the Google Zeitgeist conference on Tuesday.

Rumors about Google building a Facebook competitor became slightly more convincing back in August, when Google acquired Ångströ, a service that brings intelligent search results on someone’s professional network, as well as social app company Slide."


Google tests search that delivers results as you type

"Google is developing a new kind of search capability that delivers the results instantly as you type the letters.

The new experiment was discovered by search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Rob Ousbey, who noticed the results being delivered instantly and then recorded a video to show it. Google confirmed to TechCrunch
that the video is real. It will be interesting to see if the new
capability is launched as a standard part of Google’s search engine. It
could save us all time as we type familiar searches where we know that
the instantly-delivered search result is most likely the one we want to
click on."

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