Social Customer Care IRL: JetBlue Uses Social Media for Customer Service, Marketing and All-Around Good

Ann Handley TweetAnn Handley, Author and Chef Content Office at MarketingProf, recently penned an article about leaving a signed copy of her latest read, Show Your Work, on a JetBlue plane after a flight to Philadelphia.

Spoiler alert: She is reunited with said book.

Why does this matter?

Well, Handley details the events that led to getting her book back and the story is one that should serve as an example to businesses on social media.

(Hint: It all started with a tweet, venting her frustration about losing her Austin Kleon’s book.)

What we love about the post is Handley’s analysis of how JetBlue’s use social media, and social media as a whole, is no longer just a marketing or just customer service tool, but really both.

The biggest take away, though, has to be the basic yet essential sentiment every business on social media — especially those in the travel industry –  should know and live by in order to extend the type of customer care their consumers (and the general public) want and need. And that is:

“Make social the central nervous system, not just the face.”

With the increasing use of social media as the front line of customer service, the division between social media as a marketing tool and your business’s customer service department no longer exists. Social media has become the way millennials, travelers, and connected individuals alike wish to reach out to share their praise, questions, like or dislike for your company, product or service. To survive, and in order to ever thrive, businesses need to be tuned into these conversations at all times, on all levels in order to deliver a high caliber of customer service satisfaction and maintain a positive online reputation to match.

Give Handley’s article a read here.

What resonates with you from her article? Does it change your company’s approach to social?

American Airlines: An Example of Swift Social Customer Care in the Travel Industry

How the airline and others in the industry are using Twitter to respond to customers and followers.

As the world focuses on recent news events involving air travel and airlines, the air industry has needed to determine a way to respond quickly to inquiries from customers, news outlets as well as the public at large.

American Airlines has figured out how to do it right. Just take a look at their Twitter response times as shared in a recent Wall Street Journal article:

Twitter Response Times by Airline


Image Source: Wall Street Journal

The hospitality industry should take a cue from its travel industry counterparts and incorporate this type of social customer service into their operations. Hospitality customers are looking to social media channels like Twitter more and more as a place to reach out to properties to ask questions, get help or vent their frustrations.

Monitoring social channels 24/7/365 for these messages and responding quickly is essential for retaining customers, preempt potentially negative reviews and staying in control of your online reputation.

To learn more about the importance of social customer care, read our recent blog post or attend our upcoming free webinar.