#AskDJV – Episode 34: Hotel Social Customer Service

Thank you for visiting our #AskDJV Video Series. If you are just joining us for the first time, each week, our own DJ Vallauri discusses hotel social customer service and what you need to know to improve your hotel brand.

Customer Service Skills

In this week’s episode, DJ discusses how you can improve your customer service skills and what guests expect from your hotel when it comes to social customer service.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for “instant access” to your hotel brand. They are online 24/7 and they expect you to respond to their social media posts almost as quickly as they are posted. What does this mean for your hotel?

Customer Experience

You should be monitoring your hotel and variants of your hotel name, not just your @handle, if you want your guests to have a better customer experience. Did you know that 97% of the people who are talking about your hotel, won’t use your @handle? DJ talks about how to monitor this in the video, as well as what you can do in addition to answering their Tweets, Facebook or Google+ posts. Learn more about hotel social customer service and increase your customer service skills by watching this week’s episode of #AskDJV.

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#AskDJV Episode 31: Hotels can learn from Apple Customer Service

This week’s #AskDJV Episode 31 is a bit unconventional in the fact that DJ Vallauri talks about his recent customer service experience with Apple Computers.  How does this relate to the hospitality industry, you might wonder?  Read on for more insights into customer service.


Hotel Customer Service

Recently, DJ went into the Apple computer store to purchase the Apple Watch.  While the Apple team was pitching him about the watch and explaining all the features and advantages, DJ explained to them that he had purchased another Apple product 30 days ago and that he wasn’t very satisfied with the product.  He knew that it was past Apple’s usually 14 day return policy, but he expressed his concerns anyway.

Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes, it isn’t all about you (the hotel hearing the complaint), it is all about your hotel guest and how they feel, what they want and overcoming their objections (or in this case, DJ’s dissatisfaction with a previous Apple product).  You want to do this in a timely fashion, but more importantly, you want your guest to feel like they matter to you.  The ultimate customer satisfaction comes with a positive review and re-booking your hotel.

Quality Customer Service

The way to provide quality hotel customer service is to listen to your guests, ask their opinions, and find ways to make their experience at your hotel even better than they anticipated.  Every hotel has something special that resonates with their guests.  Look for more ways to improve the quality of your customer service, similar to the way Apple did with DJ.

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#AskDJV Episode 30: 3 Tips on avoiding Negative Hotel Reviews

It’s inevitable.  Every hotel is going to have negative reviews at one time or another.  In Episode 30 of #AskDJV, we discuss what you can do to minimize negative hotel reviews.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #1

Be Pro-active.  There are many times a guest will be staying at your hotel and it takes 2-4 hours for someone from the property to even send an acknowledgement to them.  You want to prevent your guest from going to social media marketing channels such as Twitter, Facebook, TripAdvisor or another OTA and posting a negative comment or hotel review.  Speed is of the essence when it comes to avoiding hotel reviews.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #2

Own the problem or complaint – even if it isn’t your department.  Whether the complaint belongs to you or not, own it, take responsibility for it and try to turn a guest complaint into a positive hotel review.  Don’t blame someone else or look for the “easy” way out of the situation.

Negative Hotel Reviews – Tip #3

Restore confidence and goodwill with your hotel guests.  Remember, to put yourself in your guests’ shoes.  If you were staying at a hotel and someone promptly attended to your issue with a positive attitude, wouldn’t you be more likely to write a positive review about your experience?

Sometimes, all it takes to avoid negative hotel reviews is to be attentive and caring when responding to guest complaints.  Learn more about what you can do to avoid negative hotel reviews today.

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#AskDJV – Episode 15: Social Customer Service

It is week 15 of the #AskDJV Show! In this week’s episode, I am talking about how you convince your General Manager to give you the resources needed to properly manage your social media marketing and social customer service opportunities.

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Lodging Interactive’s DJ Vallauri Talks Social Customer Service on Social Media Unscrambled


DJ in the studio

Last week Lodging Interactive Founder and President DJ Vallauri was invited to be a guest on Social Media Unscrambled, a weekly interactive radio show and podcast hosted by Chris Curran and David Deutsch. DJ discussed the importance of social customer care as well as Social Voices and CoMMingle Social Media services available to hotels from Lodging Interactive’s suite of digital marketing solutions.

Check out the segment: Social Media Unscrambled Ep. 61 with DJ Vallauri

During DJ’s Social Media Unscrambled appearance, the Social Voices Listening Agents took over DJ’s Twitter account and live tweeted the event using the hashtag #unscrambled.

Follow DJ on Twitter.
Visit the Social Voices website.

Thank you to Chris Curran, David Deutsch and the entire #unscrambled team!

Lodging Interactive Hosts Free Social Customer Care Webinar

Hoteliers can discuss the importance of social customer service on Twitter with industry experts.

Lodging Interactive, worldwide provider of innovative Internet marketing and online reputation management solutions exclusively servicing the hospitality industry, will present a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, August 12 to discuss the importance of social customer care and how your property can increase the level of social customer service it offers in-house guests.

Social Customer Care – Is Your Hotel Listening?
Tuesday, August 12, 2014
1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT
Registration Link

With 72% of people expecting a response within an hour on Twitter when issuing a complaint, according to Lithium Technologies survey data, hoteliers need to find a way to provide personal, proactive customer care online.

Hosted by Lodging Interactive’s Founder and President, DJ Vallauri and Director of CoMMingle Social Media, Rosella Virdo, the hour-long webinar will cover the essentials for providing effective social customer care, how to best utilize social customer service to resolve potentially negative situations as well as how Social Voices, a 24/7/365 social listening service, can assist hoteliers in staying connected with guests throughout their stay.

“Properties need to position themselves to stay competitive in a consumer world that looks to social media to resolve customer service issues in real time,” says Vallauri. “Recognizing how your guests are trying to reach you and building a robust social customer care system to deliver superior service is essential.”

Register online to attend this complimentary social customer care webinar.

To learn more about Lodging Interactive’s Social Voices and how it can help hoteliers actively listen and rapidly respond to the online conversations regarding their properties, please visit our website.

American Airlines: An Example of Swift Social Customer Care in the Travel Industry

How the airline and others in the industry are using Twitter to respond to customers and followers.

As the world focuses on recent news events involving air travel and airlines, the air industry has needed to determine a way to respond quickly to inquiries from customers, news outlets as well as the public at large.

American Airlines has figured out how to do it right. Just take a look at their Twitter response times as shared in a recent Wall Street Journal article:

Twitter Response Times by Airline


Image Source: Wall Street Journal

The hospitality industry should take a cue from its travel industry counterparts and incorporate this type of social customer service into their operations. Hospitality customers are looking to social media channels like Twitter more and more as a place to reach out to properties to ask questions, get help or vent their frustrations.

Monitoring social channels 24/7/365 for these messages and responding quickly is essential for retaining customers, preempt potentially negative reviews and staying in control of your online reputation.

To learn more about the importance of social customer care, read our recent blog post or attend our upcoming free webinar.