Facebook, Twitter and The Two Branches of Social Media

"There’s no disputing that Facebook is the poster child for social networking. It is the platform for building social connections online and keeping up to date with what’s happening in your social circle. It is one of the two most important platforms in social media.

The other one is Twitter. However, if you try to describe Twitter as a “social network” to anyone who works at the company, they’ll quickly correct you. Internally and externally, Twitter describes itself as an “information network.”

What exactly is the difference? And is there one?"

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Google to Make Its Core Products More Social

"Google will most probably launch its social network, Google Me,
later this year. However, the secretive project might be more of an
added layer to Google’s existing products and services than an entirely
new service.

“We’re trying to take Google’s core products and add a social component,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the Google Zeitgeist conference on Tuesday.

Rumors about Google building a Facebook competitor became slightly more convincing back in August, when Google acquired Ångströ, a service that brings intelligent search results on someone’s professional network, as well as social app company Slide."


TripAdvisor legal threat group reaches 300 hotels

"Over 300 hotels are now involved in a potential legal
action against TripAdvisor, a figure which has doubled in just four days
after the initial group was first revealed, writes Tnooz.

The group is considering the action on both sides of the
Atlantic Ocean after growing increasingly concerned about alleged
defamatory reviews appearing on hotel pages on the user generated
content-driven site."


Google’s Set to Launch Google Me: Should Facebook Be Worried?

There has long been talk that Google is ready to give Facebook a run for its money in terms of the social network space. Now, ZDnet reports that Google is just about ready to launch its "Google Me" social network – should Facebook be worried?

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Facebook Makes Headway Around the World

"Sergey Brin, a Google founder, takes issue with people who say Google has failed to gain a foothold in social networking. Google has had successes, he often says, especially with Orkut, the dominant service in Brazil and India.

Facebook’s homepage at an Internet cafe in New Delhi. A year ago, Orkut was the dominant social site in India, but Facebook has caught up.
Mr. Brin may soon have to revise his answer.

Facebook, the social network service that started in a Harvard dorm room just six years ago, is growing at a dizzying rate around the globe, surging to nearly 500 million users, from 200 million users just 15 months ago…"

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