Back to Basics: Hotel Search Engine Marketing – Part 3

Lodging Interactive’s Senior Analytics & PPC Manager, Gouri Karode, is sharing the essential best practices for hotel search engine marketing in our Back to Basics three-part series.

Read Part 1: Optimizing Your Site and Part 2: Optimizing Your Adwords Strategy.

Part 3: Stay Agile!

The tips for getting started and optimizing your landing pages and adwords strategies from Part 1 and 2 were just the beginning. The key to successful search engine marketing for hotels is to continue to optimize, monitor and adjust.

Here are 4 tips for maintaining an effective Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

  1. Everyday Monitoring: Check your campaign 4-5 times a week to monitor performance. Add keywords; update ad copy with latest offers and promotions.
  2. Manage Complex Campaigns: Some campaigns have very large budgets and dozens of ad groups and will need high level of expertise to manage them correctly.
  3. Make the Right Partnership: Good SEM/PPC requires working with a qualified partner. You’ll save time and most importantly money in the long term. You should have right type of talent, with the right level of experience to manage your campaigns.
  4. Remember Your Overall Marketing Strategies: An efficient SEM/PPC strategy needs to be developed in coordination with your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you want to target new markets, you can buy keywords through PPC campaign that will avoid waiting months to be well positioned in organic search results.

Search Engine Marketing and PPC Advertising have become basic Internet marketing tools that very few hotels can afford to ignore it. There are plenty of helpful tips and tricks for how hotels can carry out a successful SEM campaign, but many of them are ineffective if properties do not have a global vision for their marketing strategy and clear objectives of how SEM/PPC fits.

At Lodging Interactive we are search engine marketing specialists exclusively serving the hotel industry. Just as you know how to manage a hotel and how to welcome your guests, our professional team knows how to bring visitors and bookings on your website.

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