Google acquires Zagat, strikes a major blow against Yelp

"Google has bought  Zagat, the popular restaurant reviews service. The search giant announced the news on its company blog today and said users will immediately start seeing Zagat’s content integrated in Google searches and Google Maps."

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Yelp Hits 20 Million Reviews

User review and search service Yelp is keeping up its brisk growth, and to celebrate that its 20 million reviews, the company created this infographic showing a heat map of all user submissions across the United States.

Even though Groupon, LivingSocial and Google are making great strides in the local space, they’re not really in the reviews business — which still allows Yelp to enjoy explosive growth.

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How to manage your hotel’s online reputation

"Everyone’s got an image to protect. As the hotel industry becomes increasingly subjected to the world of customer reviews, hoteliers have developed a term for protecting that image – it’s called “managing your online reputation.”


Facebook Unveils a Service to Announce Where Users Are

introduced a long-anticipated service called Places on Wednesday that
could help the company tap local and small-business advertisers and
sharpen its competition with Google.

Facebook’s Places borrows heavily from location-based social networks
like Foursquare and Gowalla, which allow users to check in at places and
broadcast their location to friends. But those companies, as well as
others like Yelp, said they saw Facebook’s Places as a complement to their own services and as an opportunity to gain additional distribution.

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