The Importance of Hotel Digital Marketing Plans

A key component to successful digital advertising for hotels is to put a hotel digital marketing  plan in place.  A digital marketing  plan is a clear and concise way to map out your goals for the upcoming year, as well as the strategies to put in place to help achieve these goals.  Because a digital marketing  plan will be for the upcoming year, it is advisable to begin planning in the summer of the current year and that your plan be outlined by quarter.  Outlining by month can become overwhelming and quite cumbersome.

Primary Focus of a Hotel Digital Marketing Planhotel digital marketing

You want the primary focus of your hotel digital marketing  plan to be on the goals of the hotel, so it’s a good idea to gain an early understanding of what you’ll be concentrating your efforts on in the next years.  Perhaps you want to book 75 weddings or increase group business.  Maybe you need help with transient business on the weekends.  Your goals may also be dependent on the time of year.  Some hotels, depending on the market, have more difficulty obtaining room nights based on the quarter.  Whatever the case may be, it is important that you convey to your account manager what you are looking to accomplish.  Then you can collectively work on suggestions to help reach these goals.

Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies

In addition to focusing strategies on your hotel’s goals, you also want to work on hotel digital marketing strategies for holidays throughout the year, events going on in the market, and what your competition is doing.  Major holidays are a great opportunity for many hotels to get ahead with room/dining reservations.  If you offer certain holiday specials or provide holiday menus, such as an Easter Brunch or a Thanksgiving Dinner, you’ll want to include these items in your plan and stick to a timeline as to when such items should be available for posting on your website.  You should make sure your holiday specials/menus are posted at least 2 months prior to the occasion.  Potential guests are making plans well in advance these days.

What about events specific to your hotel’s market?  There are excellent city planning guides available for most major cities that are chock full of great information, including top attractions in an area, major conventions coming to town or events that could be potential demand drivers for your hotel.

Hotel Competitive Landscape

You also want to know what your hotel competition is doing, so you can stay ahead of the game.  Competitors may have  great ideas or insight that you can capitalize on.  It’s also a wise move to check out the comp set when it comes to holiday postings.  You don’t want to be caught without your holiday specials/menus posted, while other hotels in the market are making their specials readily available weeks in advance.  That’s a surefire way to lose customers.  What about new competition?  Make sure you know about new hotels opening in your market.  New competition will always be something you want to be prepared for.

If you want your hotel to be successful in the hotel digital marketing arena, follow a digital marketing  plan.  It’s an easy and effective way to work through your goals, organize strategies and maintain a timeline of your efforts throughout the year.  You’ll be impressed with the results.