The Google Dance

Ever notice how sometimes you Google something you’re looking and remember seeing it in the top rankings and it’s now gone.  Welcome to the Google dance.  I found a very long article explaining this Google Dance, but have summized it for you.

In a nutshell Google results are not cast in stone. If you ever wonder why your search results do not match the
rankings that you’ve found on previous searches, consider the following:

1) Google does not update once a month, they are constantly updating their data.
2) Google has many data centers.
Not all of the data centers are exact clones of one another. They can
differ in what underlying data they contain as well as how they sort
4) The location of your IP address as well as the location of your customer’s IP address can affect search results.

While these 4 items are not the only factors that can affect search
results (further discussion could be made regarding the differences
that can be observed due to cookies, prior search history being saved
and used to bias future searches,
and other factors), these 4 issues are often among the more commonly
identified issues that come up when speaking with clients and managers
who are not SEO savvy.

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