The value of Website Maps

Does a map add value to your website?  Can it affect whether the shoppers buys or not?  The answer is yes to both questions.  A good map will combine information from your directions page, your attractions page and your events page.  A good map will not only pin points your location, it will tell the shopper what is nearby.  A map is a convenient way to provide valuable information without making the shopper read a lot of text or chase hyperlinks.

A map is a fundamental to a hotel’s website. "A map provides good graphic information and good information makes your website sticky."  Sticky means it is a way to keep your website visitor’s attention and  the longer they are on your site the better the chance is they will book.

A recent survey by Hitwise, a leading provider of Internet statistics on trends, showed that map related online services are 3 of the top 10 online services.  Of the top twenty keywords or phrases the word map is included in six of them.  This tells me that by offering quality map information on your site you can retain that visitor’s attention and provide information that can generate a sale.

A quality map is not a link to Yahoo or Mapquest pages.  By doing this you are actually exposing your shopper to links to competitive hotels and creating a distraction that will divert their attention from your website.  An effective map is a map that is limited to the relevance of your website.  It can be used to add value to your hotel by providing a driving directions and showing your hotel’s  proximity to locations and attractions in your area that relate to incoming visitors.  A good map will help drive room reservations because it adds value to your location, location, location.

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