And You Thought Twitter Didn’t Matter Anymore

Hold onto your smart phones because it’s coming! The busiest time of year for travel in the U.S. is during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year holidays. During this period many travelers will be expected to use social networks to talk about everything from good/bad travel deals to good/bad travel experiences via their mobile devices.


So how is this all going to matter to your hotel? In May Google and Twitter teamed up to bring live Tweets into Google’s SERPs. This became a game changer in that it made Twitter an SEO requirement for hotels. We already know how using relevant keywords can increase your rank listings in search engines. Now add live Tweets to the mix and you have just found yet another way to reach a global audience that moves traffic to your site and increases your chances of seeing your sites’ ranking move up.


With the growing influence of a social network like Twitter such traffic could definitely influence the perception of your hotel. You would want to make sure you stay on top of the chatter whether it is to ensure your reputation remains intact in unfortunate situations or create opportunities to enhance your reputation.


But whether you’re a new or established hotel brand or you just want to generate brand awareness to consumers, your end game with Twitter is to increase your follower base by making sure you have content that appeals to users at every stage of the travel process. You also want to use hashtags that are popular and naturally searched on Google.


Another important question is how recent are your Tweets? This matters because the relevancy increases depending on how recently you Tweeted and not the content popularity. So re-Tweeting seems to keep the posting recent but, like anything, it shouldn’t be abused. It is always preferable to add new Tweets as it keeps the topic relevant and visible in searches.


Please reach out to us for information on how your hotel can leverage the SEO opportunities and reach of Twitter via Google’s algorithm enhancements.