TripAdvisor + Facebook = TripFriends

It seems like social media, and Facebook in particular, is the topic of
every hospitality conference these days. It's no wonder: with half a
billion Facebook user accounts created, it's become the tool many
travelers use to keep in touch with friends around the world, sharing
photos, making plans, and giving advice. Surely, hotels and inns are
going to come up in these conversations.

TripAdvisor has just introduced a new tool to make these conversations
easier for travelers: TripFriends. With TripFriends, travelers
researching a destination on TripAdvisor can now see which of their
Facebook friends have been there, and which consider themselves an
expert. They can post a travel question for all of their friends to
see, or they can send a personal message to a particular friend, all
without leaving TripAdvisor.


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