Unique Visitors or Visits – which metric should you use?

Every hotelier should be reviewing their web logs and looking for hidden golden nuggets of marketing information.  Your web logs will not only show you the amount of traffic your website is receiving on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis but will also show you your top referring sites…these are sites that ARE SENDING YOU VISITORS.

However, when reviewing your web logs, it is important for you to consider your measurement metrics when it comes to “Visits” vs. “Unique Visits”.  To help you decide which approach is right for you, visit Omniture’s Matt Belkins latest blog on the subject. Here is an excerpt of his blog:

Unique Visitors are a superset of Visits and may represent multiple opportunities to convert a customer. As such, using Unique Visitors as the denominator in most performance calculations is actually overstating the effectiveness of your site. For example, if I visit a retail site 4 times in one week, and purchase twice – what is my conversion rate? If you use weekly unique visitors, my conversion rate is 200%. If you use visits, my conversion rate is 50%. Which is a better representation of site effectiveness? Clearly the 50% is much more valuable in understand where your site may or may not be performing optimally. With the 50% conversion metric, I have the opportunity to analyze which visits did not convert…what happened? Is it a navigational issue? A cross-sell problem? Or perhaps a remarketing opportunity? If you used Unique Visitors, you’d never get this visibility.

We support Matt’s comments.  Be sure to visit his blog posting.

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