USA Today Story – Hotels Go After Young Travelers

USA Today published a cool story today about how the major hotel brands are "going after" the young travelers as they build their new brands.  It’s not like we need more brands in the marketplace (I feel sorry for the franchisee who has to compete across the street with a brand spanking new/fresh/cool sister brand!

Anyway, Peter Yesawich of YPB&R was quoted in the article about hotels providing "fun hangouts outside the guest rooms and flat screen TVs"; he also talks about "voltage in the lobby".  Let’s not forget that the Young Traveler’s experience begins ONLINE…yes on the hotel website.  So crank up the volume on those sites and budget to include website enhancements for 2007.  Now is the time to turn it up!  Time to provide a richer online hotel experience to stay in the game. (we can help of course)

Click here to read the USA Today article

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