What Facebook’s Open Graph Means for Marketers

Facebook made a series of big announcements today, many of which will have a direct impact on how businesses market both on and off of Facebook. Aside from announcing that the platform now has 400 million users worldwide, two of the more notable pieces of news for marketers were:

  • The Open Graph: The open graph will attempt to make the Web more social. The intent is to bring together social actions from all over the Web and allow for a rich depiction (and semantic memory) of what people are liking, reading, reviewing and rating. Using the examples of Yelp and Pandora, each of which are businesses with vast quantities of information about what people like and don’t like in the realms of local businesses and music, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the Open Graph would make the Web a richer, more connected experience.
  • The “Like” button: As one of the social plugins that works with the Open Graph, it allows users to “Like” any form of content on the Web—provided that the Website they are visiting has implemented the small amount of code provided by Facebook for “Like” functionality. Zuckerberg predicted that 1 billion “Like” buttons will be clicked within 24 hours after today’s launch.

via www.emarketer.com

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