What’s Happening with Google Products in 2015?

Google+ Products

It’s no secret that social media websites are a chatter with talk of major changes to Google+ in 2015.

Trying to get the inside scoop on what’s going on with Google Products in 2015? The buzz, according to a number of sites, is that the search engine may be dismantling Google+ in favor of separate products like Google Streams and Google Photo among others.

The industry talk is all speculation at this point. The general public will likely remain in the dark until at least after Google’s annual I/O conference in May, but that hasn’t stopped many from sharing their own hypotheses of what will become of G+.

What does Lodging Interactive think?

We can speculate like everyone else, but what we do know based on our experiences with the hospitality industry, is that there have been noticeable changes in the Google products integration over the last year. Back in April 2014, Vic Gundotra, father of G+ left Google. CEO of Google, Larry Page, left the breadcrumbs to follow on the future of G+.

Rather than speculate, we’ll have updates on any product announcements from Google this year.