Where Does the Marketing Stop and the Point of Sale begin?

The worldwide web is your best sales source! What does that mean? It should mean more sales at your best yield per sale ROI per sale. Your website is your Internet point of sale and the Internet brings you a global buyer market that can be targeted, contacted and convinced effectively.


There is a plethora of data on how consumers shop and buy online. This information can help you make the right decision on where you need to be online and what to expect from your investments. It is also easier to track online visitor activities and most important their purchases.


So the bottom line is all about knowing what online marketing opportunities exist, what ROI to expect and how to measure your results. With this said, when you have made your marketing decisions it is important to keep your lobby door open and someone at the cash register, this is your website. Your site has to contain good photos, informative text and easy navigation to get to and conclude a sale. Compare your site to your competition and look at other website and ask those companies what is working. 


It is most important that you are able to track your shopper once they enter your website and to track whether they booked or not. Then, given the correct data, you can research why they did not book. Was it rate, room type, location or something they saw on the website or didn’t see.  This is where you turn the marketing research into a sale.

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