You Tube Going Legit!

According to the WSJ today:

NEW YORK — Google Inc.’s YouTube and CBS
Corp. announced a deal under which YouTube will show highlights,
postgame news conferences and other clips from the TV network’s
telecasts of the NCAA basketball tournament.

The deal underscores the allure of YouTube’s huge and
passionate audience for the television networks, whose core viewership
is aging and more fragmented then ever.

"There’s a growing demand for professional content
owners to have a presence on YouTube and to have that dialogue with the
[YouTube] community," Chris Maxcy, YouTube’s director of content
partnerships, said in an interview.

CBS, General Electric
Co.’s NBC and other media giants have experimented with adding their
content to YouTube. The latest deal, however, comes after media giant Viacom
Inc. sued Google and YouTube earlier this week, alleging that the
video-sharing Internet site engages in "massive intentional copyright
infringement." CBS split from Viacom last year.

The deal for the NCAA tournament will add a CBS
"channel" on YouTube. CBS and YouTube will share revenue from an
exclusive advertising sponsorship from General Motors
Corp.’s Pontiac division. The companies didn’t detail expected revenue
from the partnership or how they would split the ad money.

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